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Mistress Nona, The Educator

BDSM is My spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. In pursuit of educating and enlightening others, I lecture nationally on various subjects for over the past 20 years.
I am known and remembered for My Skill, Cutting Edge Play and Creativity.

mistress nona presenting at dsf I was honored to co-present with Uncle Abdul, the author of Juice, at the 2002 Tribal Fire Conference in Oklahoma City. I have been asked many times to present at the Buffalo PEP. My first presentation was in memory of my bondage mentor, Len Dworkin. My presentation was the Spiderís Web, which Len taught many years before at TES. It was at that lecture I sat with my sketchpad and colored pencils! Every time I do this ornate Japanese Rope bondage keeps Lenís memory alive. 

As New York is my home, I can be found often presenting here and along the East Coast. I have presented at PEP of NM, PEP of Philadelphia, PEP of DC, TES, DSF. Long Island Leather and Roses, Living in Nassau and many more Organizations on various topics such as CBT, Caning, Enema Play, Fisting, Needle Play, Bondage, Sissy Training.

To this day, so many years later, I am still thanked for the knowledge I have passed on. Their thank you is My biggest reward! 

Please check back as to when and where I will be Presenting.

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