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Welcome to my Guest Blog pages! I invite clients, friends and visitors to post your comments, stories and feedback here for others to read and enjoy. Have a story to tell about me or comments about your session with me or feedback about my new site? Here's your chance to tell the world. Please take a moment to share your thoughts here!

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enrico – The Netherlands
June 05, 2017 - 13:40
Subject: Website

Dear Mistress Mine,

Just looked at your website and all I can say is: Compliments!!

Greetings from enrico, slave of Mistress Kate Ė Netherlands

Foot Smelling Loser
October 05, 2016 - 17:34
Subject: Phone Session

Thank you so much Mistress Nona for speaking with me. Wanted to talk longer but had to go to work. Hope to talk to you soon and look forward to submitting to you and your beautiful feet.

Foot Smelling Loser

Mamatatas – Nassau County
March 17, 2013 - 11:19

As I become more and more entrenched in the lifestyle, I am finding that I have missed much! But, I am very happy to have met so many wonderful players in the scene so far. I am having the time of my life!!
My experiences are made better by the women who have gone before me. MistressNona was one of those pioneers. She was most gracious to me, not knowing me from Adam, and I thank her for that.

Reply to Mamatatas
Mistress Nona – Queens
March 19, 2013 - 18:09
Subject: Welcome to the long path of BDSM

Thank you so much! I am glad you ventured out to HellsFury, where BDSM is real in an upscale, clean, new dungeon!

Hope to see you soon there again!

Mistress Nona
Curator of HellsFury
Where The BDSM Renaissance Has Begun!

Harold – NY
January 21, 2011 - 11:23
Subject: Loving What She is Doing

I donít know where to begin. For many years I have known Mistress Nona and i have never met a Mistress that loves what she does as much as Mistress Nona!

Her experience and expertise in all aspects of S&M B&D have made our sessions more intense every time I see her. She always surprises me with something new. We have never a dull moment! Her ability to make every fantasy a realty has always left me at Awe!

I have shared my most deepest fantasies with her. And together we have explored them. Mistress Nona's understanding and desire to listening to me has made me feel that nothing is taboo. Once confused about my sexuality, I now feel secure in my own skin, thanks to my Mistress.

She can be stern when need be and other times gentle and loving.
I look forward to every visit with Mistress Nona. Counting the days then the minutes! Our time together is very
valuable to me. She makes me feel comfortable and never rushes our special sessions. We like to play for 5-7 hours, which I consider my savior to my well being.

I have been seeing Mistress Nona for over 10 years. She is the Go To Dom for those that are seeking knowledge, skill and
Mistress Nona is in a class by herself. With an understanding of old world domination with a new world style. And this I consider a lethal combination.

In my opinion She is the Best at what she does. I recommend her for those who want to experience a true Mistress. A true Dominatrix.

If you look up Dominatrix in a dictionary you might
just find a picture of Mistress Nona!

Reply to Harold
Mistress Nona – Queens, NY
January 21, 2011 - 12:29
Subject: Re: Loving What She is Doing

My Dearest Harold,

There are no words to describe our 10 plus years together. As you have grown, so have I branching off in different directions to participate in your Fetishes.

Looking forward all future sessions to grow and expand together!

Mistress Nona

Sir Viktor – New York City
October 06, 2010 - 00:37
Subject: Knowledge and Experience

Mistress Nona is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable SM'ers in the scene. She has done numerous demos and presentation for DomSubFriends in NYC; ranging from caning, needles, CBT, psychology of SM, as well as other classes. She truly is a gem, and the local NYC scene is enriched to have her here.

Reply to Sir Viktor
Mistress Nona – Queens, NY
October 06, 2010 - 00:44
Subject: Re: Knowledge and Experience

Dear Sir Viktor,

Thank you so much for your appreciation of My Skill and Experience. Over the years, presenting for your group DomSubFriends in NYC has always been an Honor and a Privilege.
Thank you for having Me!

Mistress Nona

robert – Brooklyn
October 05, 2010 - 17:02
Subject: Awe

Mistress Nona,Mistressmine,
Wonderfull site Mistress! What else?
Many of the best moments of this robert's life were in Your Hands. For example, i thought i was the only one to appreciate the beauty and pain of Your work in doing circular needle arrays of my nipples with multiple piercings and then You did a "Crown of Thorns" on my erect man hood - with a lighted candle atop it all -surprise! All this in front of an innocent crowd at Eulenspegle's for another one of your fantastic Presentations. Several had to leave it - was too much for them and they said so in the amazed and admiring reviews. You awed them all and none more than me. God bless You, robert

Reply to robert
Mistress Nona – Queens, NY
October 05, 2010 - 19:02
Subject: Re: Awe

Dear robert,
Aww I remember that day as though it was yesterday! You were wonderful demo bottom and even a better slave!

Your Mistress,

Mistress Nona

Bruce – Queens
October 02, 2010 - 11:22

In the 90s i was first scared to contact Mistress Nona , but one day i did and it was one of the happiest days in my life . Mistress Nona is not like any other Mistress out there , her knowlage & experience very few have . Mistress Nona is a educator in the BDSM and will only mentor thous "WHO are DESERVING"
Now knowing Her, I can kick myself for the wasted years!

Reply to Bruce
Mistress Nona – Queens, NY
October 02, 2010 - 11:56

Dear bruce....
All I can say is Better Late Than Never!
And I am so glad you had the guts!
See you soon!

Mistress Nona

September 30, 2010 - 12:15
Subject: Thank you for our latest session

Dear Mistress Nona,
As always Your sessions completely amaze me for the professionalism, skill and discreteness.
As I stated before in our session, You are the Best!
Looking forward to many more play dates!
And thank You for allowing Me to serve You for close to 14 years.
Your Devotee To Your Art,

Reply to Paul
Mistress Nona – Queens, NY
September 30, 2010 - 13:03
Subject: Re: Thank you for our latest session

Dear Paul,
It is always a wonderful experience when you submit to Me!
May we have many years to come of our type of play!


Mistress Nona

Sissy Blueballs Fellatrix – Socorro, NM USA
September 30, 2010 - 11:05
Subject: New Site Launch Complete

Dear Miss Nona,

The official launch of Your new site is complete. All pages of the new and completely reconstructed site have been uploaded and tested. All pages and features are working as designed.

If my memory serves me right, this is the 4th major update and rebuild of Your site since I designed and launched Your first site way back in '93 or '94. You and I and Your web site have come a long way together since those days, Mistress. They have been wonderful years and some of the happiest of my life. I'm pleased, proud and happy to still be serving You 17 years later! :-)

Congratulations on the successful launch, Mistress, and 'Mazel tov' with Your 4th generation site! I hope it serves You as well and long as its predecessors have. Most importantly, I hope I'm still serving You and we're still working together when the 10th generation of Your site goes online 30 years from now! ;-)

{kneels and lovingly kisses Her hands and feet}
Adoring Respectful Regards,
sissy blueballs fellatrix

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