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mistress mine magazine Mistress Nona's History

After 10 years in the scene, I created my own quarterly magazine---Mistress Mine, which was designed to define, promote and educate those interested in the BDSM lifestyle.
It was also the next generation in visual layout ( I am a former Art teacher ), which led to the new look in kink magazines.
Along with the Magazine I also hosted the Mistress Mine Magazine Parties, which were considered the Hottest Parties In Town. Those days were different. They were Fresh, Raw, Decadent and Hot! 
Always practicing Safe, Sane and Consensual Play.

mistress nona caning As my expertise in caning developed, so did my love for quality canes. Again the products available on the market were less than satisfying to Me when I played.
Given a dungeon-warming present of the most unbelievable cane, is how I started My relationship with My British Master Cane Maker, Michael Lewis almost 20 years ago.
Not only do they look different but also once someone uses one they find it very difficult to use other canes. His canes are considered the Rolls Royce of all canes!
I am Michael Lewisís Head Mistress and his exclusive US Sales Representative for his quality line of canes. His canes can be purchased from this site, or when I present at the various  BDSM Organizations. Please check as to when I will be presenting or contact me. Since he is now the young age of 94, sadly he stopped manufacturing his wonderful canes.

mistress mine going to party As I developed as a Domina so did my intensity of play. Bored with the products available to Me. 
I had many of My toys custom made. E-Stim totally thrilled Me but again the products on the market just didnít do it for me. Taking my quest for hot play to the next level, I was the key consultant in the design and manufacturing of the Hottest Toy on the Market at the time, HotBoxx. This was the only e-stim toy at the time to give the Top pleasure. To this day, using this toy still makes Me excited! 

With decades in the Scene, this is just a sampling.  I am known as a Kind, Loving, Strict,  Sensual Sadist with the amazing ability to Read My Bottoms! !

mistress nona caning In 2011 The Iron Bell Academy took the Tri State area by storm! IBA was a private members only venue designed for education and socializtion. Considered the ultimate in dungeons while offering the best in education. Tired of having to hide in basements; IBA took the scene to a new level of pure class. A better understanding of what we offered can be described in Midori's article; Unfortunately IBA is no longer offered to the community due to a zoning issue.

mistress mine at hellsfury party With the closing of IBA I realized there was a definite void in the BDSM community. Having a puritanical approach to BDSM and fetish there was almost no where to go. Again I became very busy with My quest to provide what was lacking to the community and HellsFury was created. HellsFury is a rotating Party offering the best for seasoned players and serious novices. To find out when a party is offered, please look for Me (MistressMine) on and join our Fet Life Group, HellsFury.
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