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The Queen of Canes

Miss Nona's said, 'Open wide, slut!'

By: Sissy Fellatrix
© 1996 - All Rights Reserved
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I started buying Female Dominance books and publications years ago out of what I once described as a "mild" interest in Female Dominance and male submission.  However, in 1990, I moved to the New York metro area and things began to change.  My odyssey started with a trip to the Vault - the famous SM club - and has progressed to where I'm now one of the most widely recognized submissives in the New York scene.

If you've ever visited The Vault, Hellfire, or Lady Lori's Dark Castle, or attended one of the many Dressing for Pleasure parties or weekends, chances are you may have run into me.  I'm known in the scene as "Sissy" and I'm usually dressed in one of my many maid's uniforms or one of my precious "little girl" outfits.  Over the years, I've been mentioned in articles in "Penthouse", "The Vault" magazine, "Mistress, Mine", and Washington DC's "City Paper" and have been referred to as "a big teddy bear dressed like Red Riding Hood", "a giant Little Bo Peep" , "a 6'2 transvestite with a 5:00 shadow", and - my personal favorite - "the famous party maid, Sissy".

Although I'm best known as "the party maid" of the New York scene, those who know me well realize I love serving Lifestyle Doms who have a strong sadistic streak.  I do this because I can handle a lot of pain and because I love knowing the Lady inflicting my pain gets real pleasure out of my suffering.  I also realize many Lifestyle Doms are pretty frustrated by the subs they meet in the scene because most of us are afraid to be marked or can't handle much real pain.

I met my favorite Dominant Lady, Mistress Nona, at The Vault two years ago. I had gone out that night in search of a whipping, spanking or caning or perhaps a little foot worship.  Little did I realize I would meet the Dom ofmy dreams that evening. 

I entered the club dressed in my favorite red French Maid's uniform with fluffy petticoats, white satin apron, black Mary-Janes, frilly lace sissy panties, and white satin-bow topped stockings. As usual, I started by circulating through the club to check on the guests and see if there was any way I might serve them.

While many subs like to linger in the corners and play with themselves or annoy other guests by begging for time with them, my strategy is completely different.  In my book, I'm there to serve the guests and staff, period.  If I do this well, I may be lucky enough to find a Lady who rewards me with a scene of her choosing, lets me massage her feet, legs, or back, or offers some similar form of punishment.  I have a rock-solid rule which says I never ask for rewards, but I don't refuse them either and with few exceptions, I seldom fail to find them.

I spotted Mistress Nona soon after entering the club.  She was sitting at the bar searching her purse for a light for her cigarette.  Her infectious smile showed just a hint of her sadistic-side which turns her mouth up slightly at the corners.

Her long reddish-brown hair was just a little wild and she was dressed in tight leather pants with cutouts in the most enticing places.  She also wore a black halter-top with a long necklace and knee-high boots.

It wasn't until later that I realized she has an ass that's to die for, long beautiful legs that I love to massage, and a bust-line that's pretty impressive too.  The reason I didn't notice at first was because one thing I did observe about this beautiful woman was that she was wearing and stroking a huge condom-covered cock! Her "monster" cock was the largest, most realistic dildo I had ever seen and she seemed to enjoy stroking it as much as the whackers in the corners enjoyed playing with theirs.

Since my focus is on serving the guests and staff, I immediately noted the Lady needed some fire.  So, grabbing my matches, I went straight to the bar to offer this well-hung goddess a light.

"Why, thank you, young lady," she beamed as I leaned across the bar with a burning match, "and what would your name be, sweet thing?" I'm ashamed to say I was struck dumb for a moment out of sheer shock that this gorgeous woman had spoken to me.  It hadn't dawned on me that she might actually speak and I hesitated while looking down at her cock and trying to digest her question.  Taking note of my fascination with her cock she teased "What's the matter, little girl? Cat got your tongue, or are you speechless because you'd like to suck my cock?" Her laugh was deep and genuine with just a hint of her pleasure at my momentary awkwardness.

As my mental logjam finally broke I stammered "Oh, no Ma'am," in my best imitation of a southern belle, "I mean, the cat ain't got my tongue, Milady. My name is Sissy.  May I be permitted to ask, yours? And, 'goodness, yes!' I'd love to suck your cock if you'd grant me the honor of doing so."

"Well, hello, Miss Sissy, I'm pleased to meet you.  I'm Mistress Nona," she laughed again, "And of course you can suck my cock.  I thought you'd never ask." Raising her voice, she said, "Now, down on your knees, you little cocksucker!" With that, she turned on the barstool so everyone in the place could see my humiliation.

'I think tonight we'll go for a hundred and fifty,' she
said. Dropping to my knees before my tormentor, I took her cock lovingly in my hands and began to lick, kiss, and suck it with every bit of skill I could muster.  In my mind at that moment, her cock was just as real as the ones on the whackers in the corner and I slaved over it as submissively as a 42nd Street hooker who was being highly paid for "services rendered".

As Mistress Nona and the other guests laughed and taunted me loudly with phrases like "open wide, slut", "take it down your throat, bitch", and "don't forget to lick and suck her balls!" I found myself reveling in the ridicule and humiliation being heaped on me by this wonderful, sadistic woman.  I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven and knew it was because Mistress Nona and the other guests were totally enjoying my degradation. Mistress even "faked" an orgasm for the crowd (I later realized it wasn't faked at all) and I pretended to submissively swallow her load.  The customers and staff loved it and a loud round of applause followed the "climax" of our hot little scene.

In that moment, the slut named Sissy was truly born.  Until then, "Sissy" had been merely an amusing act I put on when I entered the clubs; but she took on a life of her own that evening while sucking Nona's cock in front of fifty strangers.  Sissy suddenly became a real person and my life would never be the same again.

After our scene was over, the crowd wandered off seeking other amusements while I thanked my new friend profusely for making me the object of her pleasure.  "Miss Sissy, you did a fine job, and you're a good little cocksucker;" she said.  "But 'fess up, girl, mine wasn't the first cock you've sucked - now was it?"

"No, Mistress," Sissy admitted, "I've had some prior experience.  But, Miss Nona, I haven't ever sucked a cock as pretty as yours - or as big! It was wonderful and truly delicious."

Again, Miss Nona laughed and smiled - I was already learning to enjoy that laugh and love that sadistic little smile - and nodding her head she said, "I thought so."

The next hour was like a game of forty questions between Mistress and Sissy with me as a bystander listening in. 

"What's the name of the man you hang in your closet when you come out to play?

"greg," Sissy answered. 

"Is he married?"

"Yes," she replied.

"Does his wife know about his scene involvement?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Does she know about you, Sissy?"

"Yes, she does."

"How does she feel about all this?"

"She thinks greg is crazy and she doesn't like me at all, but she humors him because they have a good marriage."

"Does Sissy like serving men or women?"

"Women, Mistress, only women.  Sissy is a lesbian, Mistress," she concluded.

"What scenes do you enjoy, Miss Sissy?

"Anything that amuses my Lady," Sissy answered honestly, "but I love to serve at parties, and I'm very fond of spankings and canings."

Mistress Nona's eyebrows raised several notches.  "So you're experienced with the cane?"

"Yes, Milady."

"And you like it?"

"Oh, yes, Milady!"

"That's good" there was that sadistic smile again - "because the cane is my favorite toy...  and I can be really brutal with it.  Would you like that?"

"Yes, Mistress," Sissy said; but I wondered if she knew what she was doing. 

"How does his wife react to him coming home with marks?"

"Oh, she finds them funny," Sissy giggled, "and she laughs at him if he's bruised."

"Great!" said Nona emphatically.  "We'll make sure she has reason to be amused.  Sissy," she asked while stroking her cock again, "Is your pussy trained to take a dildo?"

"Oh, yes, Miss Nona," Sissy replied. 

"Now, tell the truth, what's the biggest thing you've taken in your pussy?"

When Sissy smiled and said "A lady's fist," I knew I was in trouble!

At that remark Mistress Nona looked deep into Sissy's eyes and said, "Miss Sissy, you are my kind of slut!"

"Now, Sissy, move that caning bench directly under those spotlights, then bend over the bench and 'assume the position', raise your petticoats, and drop your panties.  You are wearing pretty panties, aren't you, young lady?"

"Oh, yes, Miss Nona."

"Are they very frilly with tons of lace?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"That's good," she said slowly, and that sadistic grin was back again.  "I love to cane little boy-girls who wear frilly panties until they cry like a baby.  It makes me really wet.  And if they take LOTS of strokes, sometimes it makes me cum.  I'd like that.  Can you make greg take LOTS of strokes until he makes me cum, Sissy?" she asked conspiratorially, "Do you think we can make him cry?"

The tone in her voice and fire in her eyes, made my mouth suddenly dry and had my gut turning somersaults; but all that slut Sissy said was, "I hope so, Miss Nona.  I really hope so."

Before I knew what was happening, Sissy had draped my sorry ass over the caning bench and Mistress Nona was standing behind me ready to begin. "Young lady," she began, "you are to count each stroke as I deliver it, and thank me for it after the pain subsides.  Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied miserably. 

"What is the most strokes you have ever taken?"

"Fifty, Ma'am."

"I think tonight we'll go for a hundred and fifty..." she said; and when I looked at her with eyes as big as saucers, she laughed archly and added, "...or maybe we'll just go right for two hundred!"

"Are you ready, Sissy?" Mistress Nona asked impatiently.

"Yes Mistress," Sissy replied meekly.

"Then beg for the first stroke so that we may begin," she demanded.

"Please, Mistress," I pleaded, "May I have the first stroke?"

The cane screamed and my ass exploded with the fires of hell.

"One..." I shouted, and after many seconds I said "Thank you, Mistress.  May I have another please?"

The air shrieked and the kiss of fire returned.

"Two..." I wailed, "Thank you, Mistress! May I have another please?"

The cane sang again and the unquenchable fire bit into my legs this time. Without intending to, I believe I may have screamed.

"Three!" I moaned after I had finally calmed down, "Thank you, Mistress! May I have another please?"

And so the ritual continued.  By the twentieth stroke, I was in tears.  By the thirtieth, I was begging for leniency.  By the fortieth, I was nearly in hysterics.  But, I never used my 'safe word' and when the last stroke was finally delivered I thanked Mistress Nona profusely for the great privilege of being her caning slut and the instrument of her pleasure.

I honestly don't remember many more details of that caning - because there have been dozens of similar scenes since and I've learned to take up to four hundred strokes in a single session.  However, I do know that I received over one hundred and fifty strokes that night and I distinctly remember the moment when I realized that Mistress Nona is by far the wickedest woman with the cane I will ever meet.  Although some women may have more knowledge about the cane, no one makes better use of this tool than Nona.  That realization came at the moment of her first orgasm (she had several that night) and during the maelstrom of non-stop strokes which followed and pushed her over the edge repeatedly after that first "big O".

The cane screamed and Sissy's ass exploded with the fires of hell. I cherished the marks from that caning for over a week and sat down painfully for four days afterwards. But I will treasure the memory of that particular caning until my dying day. For out of it came a newfound strength and the certain knowledge that I have had the great honor of being caned by the woman I now know and love as the finest caning Dom in the world - Mistress Nona, whom I hereby publicly acknowledge as the Queen of Canes!

copyright © 1996 Sissy Fellatrix


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