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Mistress Nona and the Girly-Boy

by jason combs
© 1998 All Rights Reserved
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DFngrPusssign_01.jpg (21473 bytes) I had, from my very beginnings, a perverse interest in female underclothes. I tried to convince myself that it was quite normal, given the magical areas that the silken bras and panties covered. What man wouldn't enjoy inhaling the musky delights of worn panties that came off a beautiful woman or the perfumed halters that held and caressed her most perfect breasts. And if I used the underclothes as receptacles for my seed, what was the harm? It was akin to fucking because her juices (on the panties) mixed with mine at the moment of climax.

I did spend a lot of time masturbating and when I got old enough, I graduated from the 'white bread' sex magazines like Hustler, Playboy and Penthouse to the hard core world of authentic pornography; real fuck scenes and not the contrived ones in the super slick magazines.

I spent a lot of time at adult book stores; buying five or six publications at a time and then rubbing myself raw to the images that appeared on the pages. When I tired of them I'd go and buy five or six more.

One afternoon I was on Eighth Avenue, a favorite haunt of mine when I was out shopping for jerk off material. I passed by an area in the store devoted to fetish and was drawn to a display that celebrated female dominance and male submission. The cover of one of the magazines flaunted a tall, beautiful, long haired woman dressed in fish nets, spiked heels and bustier. Her buttock cheeks were exposed and she was looking over her shoulder and smiling into the camera's eye. Before her, tied face down to a bondage table was a man that had on a bra and panties that were pulled down slightly exposing a myriad of lash marks that criss crossed his flesh like the canals on the planet Mars. Transfixed, I studied the photo and my cock filled with blood.

I purchased the periodical and scurried back home, not willing to wait another second to masturbate.

Her name was Mistress Nona and she was a true lifestyle Dominatrice. She collected slaves like some people collect stamps and when I read on further learned that she enjoyed intense sexual arousal from abusing men. Her pussy was pierced with the Hope Diamond and it was explained that it's simple animation against her flesh as she worked over a submissive got her off over and over again.

It was however, the vision of the man dressed as a woman that most enraptured me. I wasn't aware of it then but my proclivity for cross dressing was at it's infant stage.

JFingchsign.jpg (13760 bytes) As I explained earlier, I masturbate to photos and rarely interact with real ladies. Mistress Nona though, her image and her words, took me over completely. I called her and asked for an interview. I told her how much her pictorial enthralled me and after only a few questions, she knew more about my libido than I did myself. She recognized my latent desire to be turned into a woman and that anything she wanted me to do for that franchise would be acceptable.

Still believing I was a staunch heterosexual I made my way to her apartment (dungeon, though I didn't know it at the time) and soon found myself kneeling before her, stark naked and terrified. She was more beautiful than her photos and as regal as any god.

"You enjoy the concept of female underclothes?" she asked, more statement than question and walking around me in inspection. "You would like to wear them while being fucked up the ass or sucking on a cock?"

"Certainly not!" bristling noticeably. "I adore them because they are in such close proximity to the female ass, pussy and tits."

Mistress Nona suppressed a giggle and touched my burgeoning erection with her booted foot. "See how it throbs when I simply uttered the words? Dressed as a woman and taking a dick up your ass and down your throat."

"No Ma'am!" I grunted. "I'm a real man not a queer."

Using her foot, she pinched my cock against my inner thigh. "You are whatever I tell I say you are and it's 'Mistress', not ma'am. Look at me."

My eyes were downcast, hypnotically watching her leather boot and my purple hard-on. I rose to her gaze and I shuddered once again at her beauty. Fish net stockings, revealing black bustier, a thong that disappeared between the perfect globes of her ass and a half smile that lit up the room.

"Put these on." she said, adjusting her panties as she spoke and pointing to some female clothing on the table. I liked to believe that her piercing gold ring was igniting her lust and her panties had to be moved to free it up.

I tried to resist but my words trailed off and I slipped into the underclothes; spikes, ball gag and wig. My erection seemed to become more intense, making me question my own sexual orientation. Mistress Nona looked on, enjoying my discomposure.

My dick looked ludicrous, snaking out from the edge of the panties and my thick entanglement of pubic hair completely framed the dainty under garment.

"This will never do." She purred, "too much fur. Come into the bath and I'll denude you. We'll make it baby-smooth. I think your future boy friends might like that. "After she removed my underarm growth I was tied (face up) to a bondage table and physically studied. Pokes and prodding's and pinching to establish my tolerances and to exact little gasps and pleas for mercy. Mistress Nona was aroused and made no effort to conceal her lascivious lust. Her subtle movements activated her clitoral piercing and as her loins heated up, so did her assaults.

When this began to bore her I was released and then dressed in a red vinyl skirt and black top. I was tied to hooks on the wall and once again, explored. She felt every part of my body and concluded her inspection by grasping my cock and balls thru the skirt and painfully squeezing them. With all my self-worth drained , I begged between sobs for a modicum of gentleness; a kind word or sweet caress.

Then, the actual attack. I was once again released and bent over the bondage table. My arms and legs were secured and my face buried into the vinyl covering. She ran her hand over my ass the way one might pet a dog and I trembled beneath her touch. She leaned forward and it looked as though she were about to kiss my buttocks cheek so I hiked it skyward. My adoration for her was greater than anything I had ever experienced before and having her lips touch any part of my body was an unimaginable gift.

Her teeth buried themselves in my flesh and I yelped like some Saturday morning cartoon character. She laughed hoarsely, carnal desire lowering her intonation to almost a growl. "Tasty." she laughed, slapping the imprint of her attack.

Mistress Nona kneeled next to me and balanced herself on her high heels by gripping one ass cheek and striking the other with open hand. The pain was profound but because I could focus on the curvature and softness of her posterior, the torture was secondary. I craned my neck and became entranced at the vision and expertise of this wicked beauty.

I began to sob. Not from the agony but because of the magical adoration I felt for Mistress Nona. It was apparent now that she could do whatever she wanted to me and I would rejoice in the anguish. If she wanted to turn me out as a cock sucking transvestite, then so be it. As long as I could come back to her and help her satisfy her sadistic devils, then all would be acceptable. If she wanted me dead,,, that too would be accomplished.

The beating ceased when my buttocks were red and swollen enough to enchant Mistress Nona. I was aware that she was moving her lower torso as she struck me and I figured her Hope Diamond was doing it's job also. I painted mental pictures of the flavor and the dampness that inundated her thong. I'd have sold my soul to suck on it, jerk off into it, to worship it as my new and my only god.

She was perspiring lightly when she stepped in front of me. Her venus mound was only inches from my face and she was grinning with a spent satisfaction. I wondered if she had climaxed. I hoped that she had.

She locked me in her gaze and made a production of pulling on a pair of latex gloves. Knowing how terrified I was of anal intrusions, she wanted to make sure that there was no doubt as to what was about to occur. Besides physical torture, psychological torment fed her lust devils too.

She stepped to my rear and it took an eternity before I felt her pull my cheeks apart and then another eternity before burying one finger deep in my anal canal. The finger fucking was almost pleasant at first but when she added one and then two and then three more fingers, I squealed like a child and begged her to stop,,,, and then not to stop. Once again, I could feel the movement of her lower torso vibrating against the table. That luck Hope Diamond was once more, kissing paradise. "You are enjoying this, are you not?" she asked, underlining each word with a violent thrust of her hand. "If I brought in a slave with a ten inch cock you would let him fuck you, right? You would let him fuck you because it would please me to watch."

I could only grunt my response. "I'll do anything that you tell me."

JSpank2sign_01.jpg (11212 bytes)She bit my buttocks again directly across from the first assault. "You say this now but when you get home and you jerk your desire away, you will rethink your situation and be afraid to come to me. It won't work however, because I'll be in your thoughts every second of every day. You'll be back, wiggling your ass like a forty second street whore, ready to suck and fuck anybody I tell you to."

Mistress Nona pulled out of me, purposely making the pain blossom. She untied me and told me to sit up, legs hanging over the edge of the table.

"You may masturbate now as I tell you of your new regimen. Use your panties to sop up the slime."

Climbing out of my underwear, I mauled my dick and let my eyes float all over her body. She rested one hand on my leg and mussed my hair with the other.

"From now on you will only wear female underclothes; bra, panties and hosiery. When you come to me I want you fully dressed as a slut and I want you to keep your underarms and pubic area free of fuzz. Our next interaction will introduce you to strap on dildo fucking. I'll show you how I want you to respond to men as they impale you.

You will learn to walk and talk as a female and you will only refer to your ass as a pussy and your cock as a giant clitoris. You will let your hair grow so we can go to the hairdresser together and I can introduce you to my friends as my fag slave and see if any of them want to use you. Your life as a man is over."

I moaned in agreement and detonated. The dainty panties were soddened with my spend and I murmured a 'thank you Mistress' as I slumped backward.

She brought out two dildos, one massive and one small. "Here's the deal. "she purred. "If you wait for me to call you, I'll use this one to deflower you with. If however, you can't wait and you call me, I'll fuck you with this one." Her eyes went glassy and she stroked the ponderous rubber cock like a beloved kitten.

I stepped out into the afternoon sun and told myself I'd never go back. I was a man, not a cock sucking fag. By the time I reached my car I had rethought my decision. "Hell, I could take the little dildo. Though it was longer than her fingers, it was thinner and having her grip my hips and press her breasts into my back would be incredible. I wheeled my auto out on the thoroughfare and her vision slid easily across my mind. My cock grew to it's maximum. I pulled the wet panties from my pocket and pressed the coolness to my brow.

I found a pay phone three blocks later and made the call. "Mistress Nona, can I come back now and resume practicing to become a woman.

She laughed heartily and I could hear the arousal in her intonations.

copyright © 1998 Mistress Nona
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