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Articles and Stories

This section features stories about Mistress Nona and offers insights into Her style of play.

Reading them will help you understand what makes Her tick and what you may expect in a session with Mistress Nona. Mistress is a round robin player who is very spontaneous.

As She likes to say, "Always expect the unexpected (with your boundaries respected of course) when you visit My World."

Enjoy the stories and glimpses of Her life…

And remember... Your Fantasies Can Become Realities!

Sissy Fellatrix named me 'The Queen of Canes' The Queen of Canes
This is the story of how Sissy Blueballs Fellatrix and I met way back in the glorious underground days of the decadent Vault. On this night we began our wonderful 20 year relationship with Me as her Mistress.

Jonjon found playing with Miss Nona a shocking experience. Playing Pinball
A different kind of twist to a true story. Jonjon from TES had a fascination with my fascination of e-stim (electrical play). Keep in mind like many electrical engineers he is afraid of the juice! Whatever possessed him to make an electric butterfly board as an attachment to my HotBoxx? The answer is simple: he wanted to play with Me!

Miss Nona helped this body builder redefine personal trainer. Training Properly
Years ago when I was a body builder I would sit between reps and fantasize about how I would use these delicious hot hard bodied youngsters. It was my recreation as I sweated and pushed myself to the next level.

This is a true story about how I walked into that gym on Queens Blvd. saw the toy I wanted for the day and made him submit to Me in front of all his peers!

Mistress Nona is very fond of cross dressers and sissy maids. Mistress Nona & the girly-boy
Everyone who knows me and knows of me is aware of my fondness for cross dressers and sissy maids. Here is a story about a play scene with one of my favorite girls!
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